April 20, 2017

U-M Regents Approve Clinical Simulation Center Expansion

Second CSC location in Medical Science Building II will open in January 2018.

On April 20th the University of Michigan Board of Regents approved the expansion of the University of Michigan Clinical Simulation Center (CSC), more than doubling its current 6,000 square feet to accommodate expected increases in yearly learner visits from 10,000 to at least 20,000 within the next two years.

To meet the growing demand for simulation-based training and professional development the CSC will add a second location in the Medical Science Building II in the space formerly occupied by the Furstenberg Student Study Center Lounge.

The new 7,500 square foot state-of-the-art space will offer two fully equipped replica Adult Patient Rooms with hi-fidelity adult manikins as well as two “Crossover Rooms” for Pediatric or Obstetric simulations that will utilize hi-fidelity pediatric and birthing-mother manikins. Multi-functional Table-Top Task Trainers are also a key offering in the new space as well as a mock ICU/ER.

Classes and groups can take advantage of two large classrooms and three debriefing rooms and a gathering area in the reception space. Like its sister center in the Towsley Center, the new CSC location will allow individuals to access an iSim space 24/7 with eight stations to practice skills and complete training modules on their own time table.

Situated steps away from many medical school classrooms, the new location is also conveniently close for students coming from the nursing school building.

Look for the new CSC Medical Science II location to open in January 2018.