Health Infrastructures and Learning Systems

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The Health Infrastructures and Learning Systems (HILS) program aims to improve the health of individuals and populations by developing researchers who design, implement and evaluate innovative change and continuous improvement in health systems.

At the University of Michigan, we believe we can transform knowledge into actionable change. Connecting a number of forces and enablers already taking shape, the HILS program envisions the disruptive transformation of healthcare and health, as well as the interdisciplinary science needed to underpin this vision.  

The HILS program emphasizes the concept of the Learning Health System, which is gaining national and global recognition as a mechanism to improve individual and population health. In a learning system, every experience is documented and studied, and the resulting insights employed to drive change. The HILS program recognizes the critical role of infrastructure-integrating technology, policy, and practice in making health improvement through learning systems continuous and sustainable. These foci on infrastructure and health make HILS a unique program, addressing a critically important component of society where effectiveness, efficiency, and safety are critical concerns.  The HILS PhD program will prepare graduates to perform research fundamental to the creation of learning health systems; the MS program will prepare practitioners for careers emphasizing the implementation of learning systems. 

Many of the courses in the program are open to any enrolled University of Michigan student with graduate-level standing.


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